What is BC Cares?

BC Cares is a program that was designed by the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) in 2007 to recruit care aides into the growing seniors care sector. Initially developed as a pilot with the Fraser Health Authority, BC Cares became a province-wide initiative in 2009-2009.

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Project Status

What is happening now?

The BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) has received funding from the Canada-BC Labour Market Partnership (LMP) to build on the momentum of the 2008-2009 BC Cares seniors care aide enrolment initiative.

The new initiative will include:

  • comprehensive labour analysis of the non-profit & private residential seniors' care and home support sector
  • development of an information campaign & career promotional materials
  • enhanced focus on opportunities for Aboriginal communities, youth, new Canadians and families impacted by the current economic downturn
  • establishment of a seniors' care human resources committee of government representatives, employers, educators and care providers
  • inventory of financial aid programs for eligible students
  • development of strategic plan to help address skills shortage in BC seniors' care sector beyond 2010
  • outreach to BC health care & advanced education stakeholders

This web-site has been established to provide regular project updates.

The first element of the project was to ensure the labour needs of non-profit, for-profit and denominational care providers are assessed and included in the province's labour market forecast.

To achieve this, BCCPA and Health Employers Association of BC conducted a survey of residential care, assisted living and home support providers in spring 2010. The survey results formed the basis of a comprehensive report that was completed in June 2010.

The project committee is now in the process of developing recommendations that respond to the forecast data. A professional human resources management company (the Howe Group) has been retained as part of the project to help shape these recommendations and consult with stakeholders over the summer.

We have also confirmed the provincial government will invest an additional $1.7 million to create more than 200 new training spaces across the province for health care aides.

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